【Banquet only】 5000 yen course of course (2 hour drink all you can with)!
【Banquet only】 5000 yen course of course (2 hour drink all you can with)!
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If it is a party Hokkaido Bin! Hokkai fish sushi sashimi assortment, seasonal winter herring, selectable pot is warm from the core of the body. A perfect satisfying course for the winter party of year-end party who used plenty of seafood, meat and vegetables abundantly. 【All-you-can-drink for 2 hours】: Draft beer 【Sapporo black label】, shochu 【potato / wheat】, sake, sour variety, high ball, cocktail, wine, soft drinks available Various cocktails !!


◆ [Made from Tokachi] Tokachi made soy sauce soaked herring cut

◆ 【Boast of the Banquet】 Crab salad

◆ Seafood selection Seafood Assortment of sashimi

◆ 【North Sea】 Char-grilled herring noodles

◆ Japanese chicken Zangi Baron Potton croquette

■ [Delicacy of the North Sea] Seafood pot

◆ Brut brat brushed teppanyaki

◆ Miscellaneous cooking or udon

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