【Banquet only】 Special selection course 5500 yen!
【Banquet only】 Special selection course 5500 yen!
By using a coupon5000 Yen

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Carefully selected only good things. Properly prepare the ingredients of the season! Cooking chief carefully selected food ingredients We serve you deliciously. How about a crab pot while enjoying the scent of the iso? It is a luxury course with plenty of Hokkaido's plentiful ingredients.


◆ 3 different types of daily change

◆ 【From Hokkaido fishing port】 Assorted luxurious sashimi of carefully selected seafood

◆ 【Seng Fugo production】 Grilled white oysters with white sauce

◆ 【Natural】 Tempura of scallop shellfish

◆ Seasonal gem

◆ Pot of choice ※ thick crab soup crab pot ※ carefully selected seafood seafood pot

◆ 【Brute Boat Boat】 Special Pork Teppanyaki

◆ Please select one cooked rice or udon noodles.

◆ Rich Cheese Cake Fruit Sauce Pumpkin Ice

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  • 【Mr. secretary must-see!】 Banquet course reservation month - tree 500 yen · earth limit 1000 yen / person OFF

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      At the time of booking
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      Can not be used with other tickets / services not allowed / reservation required / over 4 people / 12/7 ~ 12/27.

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of January 2018