[Farewell Mukaekai only] Specialty course (another all-you-can-drink)
5500 yen

We carefully selected only thing good.Charcoal of luxury Kinki.Kanimi plenty of salad and shell sushi, what shellfish three types of beach grilled How about a desk while enjoying the aroma of Iso? Luxurious course with plenty of rich ingredients of Hokkaido.

◆ appetizer 3-point assorted

◆ [gorgeous] sashimi assorted

◆ [Akkeshi production] char-grilled fresh Kinki

◆ [Tomakomai, Akkeshi-Saromako] three kinds tabletop beach grilled north of shellfish
(Scallops oysters surf clam)

◆ of the North Sea delicacy broiled platter

◆ [Banya boast] salad of plenty of crab and salmon

◆ [Obihiro specialty] Japanese on the pork loin Teppanyaki

◆ Kanimi plenty of crab shell sushi

◆ Today's dessert assorted