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【Spring Banquet only】 Special selection course 5500 yen (tax excluded)!

【Spring Banquet only】 Special selection course 5500 yen (tax excluded)!

5000 Yen

※ The display price is not included.

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Carefully selected only good things.Properly prepare the ingredients of the season! Cooking chief carefully selected food ingredients We serve you deliciously.How about extra large hockey charcoiling while enjoying the scent of the island? It is a luxury course with plenty of Hokkaido's abundant ingredients.


◆ 3 appetizers of seasonal appetizer

◆ Assorted fresh seafood sashimi with carefully selected chefs

◆ An unknown (salmon) and char-grilled seasonal vegetables

◆ Oil (Ainai) Deep-fried tempura

◆ Charcoal grilled natural scallops

◆ 【Homemade made】 How much cup mushrooms

◆ 【Butabi】 Special cut pork teppanyaki

◆ Pickled rice crackers and cod roe pickles

◆ Assorted dessert of the day

Reservation deadline
Coming to a store until two days before 17 of the desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Saturday, Sunday and public holidays - Holidays

2018/05/05 update