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【Only for Autumn Banquet】 Special Course 5500 yen (excluding tax)!

【Only for Autumn Banquet】 Special Course 5500 yen (excluding tax)!

5000 Yen

※ The display price is not included.

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Carefully selected only good things.Properly prepare the ingredients of the season! Cooking chief carefully selected food ingredients We serve you deliciously.How about a charcoal grill of natural scallop enjoying the scent of the iso? It is a luxury course with plenty of Hokkaido's abundant ingredients.


◆ 3 appetizers of seasonal appetizer

◆ Assorted fresh seafood sashimi with carefully selected chefs

◆ Silver (salmon salmon) Miso sauce pickled charcoal

◆ Otaru specialty! Chicken half fried fried

◆ Charcoal grilled natural scallops

◆ 【Homemade made】 How much cup mushrooms

◆ 【Butabi】 Special cut pork teppanyaki

◆ Snow crab Chazuke pickles pickles

◆ Assorted dessert of the day

Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until 3 days before 17 of the desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Friday - The day before the holiday - Holiday

2018/09/08 update