[Farewell Mukaekai only] blunting good base Is the course (another all-you-can-drink)
4500 yen

Strawberries something delicious from Hokkaido.Beach grilled scallop and surf clam is irresistible smell of the surf with a taste.Salted shrimp gem indescribably to suit your sake.Smoked salad is hearty of fresh sashimi platter and salmon.It is a luxury course high degree of satisfaction that can use it in entertainment.

◆ [Akkeshi production] masu salmon smoked of colorful salad

◆ fresh direct !! luxury sashimi assorted

◆ [Sarufutsu-producing natural scallop and [Tomakomai production] surf clam desktop beach grilled

◆ served with herb grilled wasabi source Hokkaido mountain of young chicken half-length

◆ [Shiriuchi production] North Sea Fried fish balls oyster fly

◆ [North Sea delicacy] shrimp salted fish tofu

◆ [Obihiro specialty] Tokujo loin Teppanyaki

◆ grilled rice balls of the mountain wasabi chazuke

◆ put dried fruit of cherry ice