[Farewell Mukaekai only] Dosanko course (another all-you-can-drink)
3500 yen

Farewell welcome meeting if Hokkaido Banya !! banquet course with plenty of seafood in the North Sea, natural scallop the beach grilled, such as the vast land of grace to burn a desk, a variety of seafood, farewell Mukaekai the meat, with vegetables abundantly perfect satisfaction course banquet.

◆ [taste of residents] Banya noodle salad

◆ fresh! Seasonal sashimi platter

◆ [Sapporo Central Market] masu salmon herb baked

◆ Japanese-style chicken Banya Zangi & Baron potato croquette

◆ [Sarufutsu production] of natural scallop tabletop beach grilled

◆ cut of [Tokachi] edamame soy sauce marinated herring

◆ [North Sea delicacy] North Sea broiled platter (salmon and field hockey smoked)

◆ [Obihiro specialty] small pig bowl of Butaichi