• [Farewell Mukaekai only] Dosanko course (another all-you-can-drink)

    3500 yen

    Farewell welcome meeting if Hokkaido Banya !! banquet course with plenty of seafood in the North Sea, natural scallop the beach grilled, such as the vast land of grace to burn a desk, a variety of seafood, farewell Mukaekai the meat, with vegetables abundantly perfect satisfaction course banquet.

  • [Farewell Mukaekai only] blunting good base Is the course (another all-you-can-drink)

    4500 yen

    Strawberries something delicious from Hokkaido.Beach grilled scallop and surf clam is irresistible smell of the surf with a taste.Salted shrimp gem indescribably to suit your sake.Smoked salad is hearty of fresh sashimi platter and salmon.It is a luxury course high degree of satisfaction that can use it in entertainment.

  • [Farewell Mukaekai only] Specialty course (another all-you-can-drink)

    5500 yen

    We carefully selected only thing good.Charcoal of luxury Kinki.Kanimi plenty of salad and shell sushi, what shellfish three types of beach grilled How about a desk while enjoying the aroma of Iso? Luxurious course with plenty of rich ingredients of Hokkaido.